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Nail that new job !

Nail that new job ! The sun is finally shining, the clocks have…
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Spring clean your career and find your new dream job!

Spring clean your career and find your dream job with these 8 actions to take for that professional spring boost.
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Embracing the new normal

Technology has advanced so much that it is now so easy to work practically anywhere with Wi-Fi.
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Find that job!

9 helpful tips to super charge your job hunting skills. Find that dream job now or just one that keeps you interested and wanting to go to work.
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Getting the most out of EW Recruitment

Candidates can really boost their chances when they know how to take advantage of our knowledge and connections in the best way. Here are 8 tips to help
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Typical opportunities and specialisms you may find in IT

We have a number of roles currently available in the Information Technology field
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Interesting Job Hunt statistics

Here are 8 fascinating statistics  for you.  
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Handling Rejection

Here are some thoughts on how to respond in a resilient manner. You are not a failure!
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Happy Candidates

We have been sending placed candidates satisfaction survey
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Success in your sales career

We have quite a few sales roles to fill right now.
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Overcome hurdles in your job hunt

In this blog, we are thinking about common challenges that all job seekers face. You may be just out of university, or you may have much more experience under your belt. Some obstacles are imagined, others are very real.
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Thoughts about Career Restlessness

There is no doubt that job hopping is becoming more common. What are the benefits and and what do you need to consider before seeking out that new opportunity?
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Job hunt productivity drains

In our previous post, we explored hacks that boost productivity. This time, we are considering  things that suck it dry when you are job hunting - and many of them at other times as well!
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Got what it takes to join us?

We are hoping for a bigger team of recruiters who share our passion, so here are 1o reasons why we love what we do.
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Some of our current sales opportunities

Here is an outline of some of the roles you can find within sales as a career that we have to fill.
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Terrifying moments in job hunting

In honour of Halloween, we have compiled some truly terrifying things that can happen to the best of us when getting a job.  Not for the faint hearted.
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Common myths about what we do

As recruitment professionals in Hertfordshire, there are industry misconceptions that we have to explain quite a bit.
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Funny CV typos and errors

Here are 20 of our favourite CV errors from around the internet followed by some from our own team. Don’t let yours go on this list…
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Getting to know us – 20 questions Umad

The latest in our getting to know one of the team series. This time, we meet Umaad.
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How to Get Excited About Your Job Search

Time spent looking for work should not be daunting or boring.


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