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Time spent looking for work should not be daunting or boring. Here we will discuss how to ignite (or reignite) that passion for finding work. Hopefully some of these will help you come at everything with a fresh attitude.

Mindful challenges

A positive attitude goes a long way. A mindful one goes even further. Mindfulness keeps you focused on what you are doing at any given moment. Not stressing about the past or worrying about your future employment situation. Focusing completely on the present fights depression and feeling in a slump. There are plenty of mindfulness exercises, books or classes out there.


At the same time as being mindful, if you challenge yourself with relevant goals that are achievable but require effort, you will have that great feeling of self-satisfaction at the end of the day. You could have number of quality applications, networking opportunities you have created or anything else personal to you.


This should make you focused and driven to succeed, try new things and get out of your comfort zone.



 Telling your brain you want something (in this case getting that dream job) makes the subconscious do fun and creative things. There is a phenomenon where, without realising it, we selectively  pay attention to something new to us – then it is everywhere ! If you can do that for dream job you are laughing all the way to the offer as “new” opportunities will show themselves.


Be Grateful

For your skills, education and opportunities. Focus on what you have, not what you don’t. It will be easier to sell to employers as well.


Tell Yourself you are Excited

Turn anxiety into a more positive but physiologically similar emotion. Nerves are negative, excitement is positive. Tell yourself it is excitement next time you do something nerve-wracking, like a job interview. This technique has been proven to be successful in sports as well as interviews.


Fake it

In a similar vein, make yourself put a great big smile on your face and it helps you feel happy inside too. Act physically excited and incredibly confident and it eventually makes you feel excited and confident.

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If you were in a job applications slump, or just starting the applying process and feeling overwhelmed, we hope some of these tips have made you re-think.