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In our previous post, we explored hacks that boost productivity. This time, we are considering  things that suck it dry when you are job hunting – and many of them at other times as well!

1. Social media and online shopping

Try to do these only as a reward or activity within scheduled breaks. If you are too inclined to let that slide there are tools and apps that block them from your browsers etc. completely within set times.


2. Email

If you are constantly interrupting yourself to read and answer emails, you will never get properly into the swing of your well-planned tasks. Allocating time in that daily plan a few times a day is way more efficient. If you still struggle with the distraction, maybe try disabling notifications so you can’t see it until you check.



3. Other members of your household

Your family, partner  or even that pet can all take time or focus from what you are doing. Time for them can be scheduled and you can make sure they know when is convenient as well. Shut the door and have some time to yourself.



4. Timing

What time of day are you most productive? Are you a night owl? Getting this wrong could be your downfall. Combine this with your job search plan.


5. Trouble sleeping

Stressing about finding that job can lead to lack of sleep. Then all the tea/coffee to help can end up hindering. When your body can properly relax and let go at the end of the day, it helps everything you do in life.



Hopefully these will complement the productivity boosters and you will be giddy and excited with how much you are getting done.