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Nail that new job !

Nail that new job ! The sun is finally shining, the clocks have changed and days are getting longer. Is there any better way to celebrate than nailing that new job? To help you along, whether you have been searching for a while or are new to it all,  here are four great tips to give you a spring job search boost and nail that new job!

Looking for a new job

Clean up your CV

Review or update your CV; companies take on average 6 seconds to decide whether they want to look further at a candidate. So make sure yours stands out by ensuring it’s layout is clear and not too long. Only include the basics of your previous roles and any important points which relate to the new job you are applying for. Any further details needed to nail the post can be discussed over the phone or in an interview.

Get to know us!

We are a friendly bunch and really believe in building a one to one relationship with our candidates. We will listen to your needs and experiences and match them to jobs we currently have or keep you in mind for future roles. Always remember to respond to any emails and calls and take onboard any feedback we provide. We speak directly to your potential employers and are responsible for selling you,  so make sure you let us get to know you well. Get the best out of EW Recruitment.

Polish up your interview skills

Interviews can be pretty daunting, especially if you haven’t been to one in a while.  Remember, they don’t have to be scary! Your dedicated Recruiter at EW Recruitment will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage.  With us in your corner there is no need to worry and with our tips, hints and support you are sure to nail that new job!

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Spring clean your career and find your new dream job!

Spring clean your career and find your dream job with these 8 actions to take for that professional spring boost.

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Embracing the new normal

Embracing the new normal, as we adjust to life post pandemic, many people are very experienced at working remotely. Technology has advanced so much that it is now almost easy to work practically anywhere with Wi-Fi. Instant communication and collaboration are possible with so many great tools.lady on pink1 1

Millennials, in particular, have grown up familiar with using technology to communicate cheaply and effectively and expect flexibility in their working life as a result.

Some benefits  of embracing the new normal

1. No commuting – less arriving late and/or stressed due to train or traffic problems and staff not paying petrol or for tickets.


2. Stress is reduced – stress in the workplace is a huge cost to the economy. Stress is dramatically lowered, so health problems relating to stress are lowered. There is more time for exercise which obviously boosts health. You can replace some of the commute time with activity time.


3. Reduced Office Costs – a financial drain on many businesses. Obviously the more people you have in the office at any one time, the more space you need and that costs money.


4. You can find talent anywhere in the world, especially in industries with a skills shortage – and not have to relocate anyone. More diverse backgrounds are great for creativity.


5. Productivity is higher – as less distractions and staff can get comfortable and focused. You can wear what you feel most productive in.


6. A happy workforce and increased morale means greater staff retention. You can live and work wherever makes you happy, with a great work-life balance.


Many of our jobs now include the option of working from home. Check out our jobs or give us a ring

0330 0520 700

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Find that job!

If you are you doing lots of  remote applying right now, here is a list of 9 tips to use your valuable time most efficiently and find that job !

1. Create proper job search plan

Really think about your weekly schedule and when you have or can make pockets of time. If you’re particularly busy, this may be more complicated so think about how much of a priority it is for you. If something is important to you, you will find time, it just sometimes takes a little creativity and juggling.

Incorporate planning tools – there are plenty of apps out there that use timers and the like so you are focused and get straight to the task when you don’t want to allow yourself to be distracted. If not focused you will probably make mistakes.


2. Organise your application materials

it is widely recommended to personalise your CV and cover letter for each job. But do this strategically. Create a template of both that can be amended quickly and accurately and it still becomes a completely personalised application to the employer.

If you’re applying for a few different types of position, have core templates for each type.  Then only minimal tweaking is required and you save a lot of wasted time by being proactive.

If you have different types of template, make sure they are named it clearly so the wrong one doesn’t go to the wrong job.


3. Track your progress

Ideally keep a record of everyone you applied to and when, the materials you used and when you followed it up. You won’t apply for the same job twice, or keep re-reading the same job description.

You can also use it to track success rates, for example, number of interview invitations per application. Then you can use that to inform how you approach your applications in future.


4. Boost your skills

Work out where you are most lacking when it comes to the skillsets of that dream job, and see where you can learn to do it better. Read a book on it, or take advantage of the plethora of courses you can do online to erase that skills gap on your CV. A If you are unemployed, it will keep yourself employable while you boost your skills and it is a great way to stay busy. It shows employers that you are motivated when it comes to bettering yourself.

if you are able to afford it, volunteer work or low-paid jobs can also really improve your skills and make you more employable.


5. Networking

There may be local events for professionals in your area designed for networkers that you can take advantage of.

Get involved in industry conversation, on and offline. Take advantage of LinkedIn and ensure your profile is completely up to date as it is the first place many recruiters still look. Have you had any mentors or former colleagues the past that you can get back in contact with? Reach out to as many people in your field as you can think of and make sure they all know that you’re looking for a job.


6. Come up with specific ideas on ways the employer can improve their business

Ideas such as ways to save money or increase efficiency, or potential sales/marketing campaigns, will be an enormous asset. Properly organise them and give each a lot of thought.


7. Start a blog 

Take the opportunity to show off everything you know about your chosen field and share it with others with the opportunity to discuss. If you are an expert in your industry you will be a credit to your employer. It helps if you are passionate about the subject.


8. Treat your job hunt as a full-time job

If you are not currently in employment, make sure that you commit a similar amount of time and dedication as a full-time role. This also keeps you in good habits ready for employment.


9. Take breaks

As searching for a job can be incredibly stressful, it is particularly important to ensure that you get sufficient downtime to relax and be calm. So exercise, like a walk, can really help to calm. Catch up with friends and make sure you are taking car e of yourself with keep your head screwed on.

Good luck !

Interested ? We are dedicated to providing you with the best personal recruitment service. Please contact us  and we will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage.  Check out  our tips, hints and support article and remember to follow our social media for more help with your job search.

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Getting the most out of EW Recruitment

woman on pink1Candidates can really boost their chances when they know how to take advantage of our knowledge and connections in the best way. Here are 8 tips to help:

1. Make contact or meet in person to build a relationship

Your relationship with us is all about clear and open communication. A great partnership and the way you talk to us will be reflected in how we talk about you to employers.

Build rapport in conversations and let us get to know more than just what your CV says. You become more memorable the more you get in touch and ask questions.

We know our clients and our industries well, so take advantage. If you see a job on our site that makes you excited, you could always get ahead of the competition and give us a call about it before you even apply to discuss their priorities and culture.

2. Reliability and honesty

Any successful relationship is build on honesty and trust.

Be open about your history as we can only help what we know. Dishonesty or leaving out information can damage credibility. If there is something that you think is negative in your job history, think of what you learned from the situation or what steps you took to improve it.

Be as reliable as possible. Especially when dealing with interviews, for example if you can’t attend. It is vital you inform EW Recruitment in adequate time as these things are remembered.

3. Focus

If you know what you want out of your career, don’t be vague. Tell us your journey and what you want next. Specifics like the companies you would most like to work for help our team find what you need and are taken more seriously.

4. Flexibility and realistic expectations

As above, we like people who know what they want and will find jobs that match as best we can. However, you may need to show some flexibility or compromise on your requirements, especially if your job search is urgent.

It can be a challenge, but try to make time to attend interviews within your schedule and return our messages from our team if you are serious about getting that job.

Resilience throughout the process is related to managing expectations.
The world of recruitment is ever changing, and circumstances can change quickly. If a role is withdrawn, something will come along soon enough.

ginger on pink1

5. Proactivity

You must take responsibility for your own career search by being proactive. Don’t be afraid to chase our team for updates/feedback – this will be viewed in a positive light as it demonstrates commitment.

6. Use our knowledge

EW Recruitment knows and understands their clients and what they want to see at interview. We also have a lot of experience when it comes to interview techniques. Even the best interviewees can improve or learn something new – take advantage of what we can offer.

7. Let us do our thing

Agree communication preferences with your consultant and trust that it is in everyone’s interest to get you into the right role.

8. Stay in touch

Let us know how you’re getting on when you start in a new role. The best part of our job is hearing of all your successes and how much you’re enjoying your new job.

Please also keep us updated if your circumstances change.

Hopefully taking all of these into account will help your experience as a job seeker and give you the edge.

Interested ? We are dedicated to providing you with the best personal recruitment service. Please contact us  and we will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage.  Check out  our tips, hints and support article and remember to follow our social media for more help with your job search.

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Typical opportunities and specialisms you may find in IT

We have a number of roles currently available in the Information Technology field. Here is a summary of some of the typical opportunities and specialisms you may find in IT.


1. Technical Support

Sometimes these folks have slightly different job titles. These are the people who use their communication skills and technical knowledge, as well as problem solving to help the less technically minded with day to day IT needs. It generally covers both hardware and software.


2. Web Developers

Web developers are the ones who structure and build websites, using technical knowhow and creativity. They are also often called many different names (job titles) within different types of business.


3. Programmers

Computer programmers deal with the functions of software and the related code. Anything from the most complex programs to the most basic are handed by programmers.  So, the roles can vary, too. However, rational and meticulous thinking will help.


4. Computer Systems Analyst

Systems analysts need to understand the big picture to make recommendations and then implement them. All this is done with their knowledge of hardware, software and systems, quick thinking and great communication.


5. Network Engineer


Network engineers are in charge of creating and maintaining and upgrading local and wide area networks fora business.  They may also be responsible for security, data and storage. Analysis snd problem-solving help here.


6. IT Security

IT  security is responsible for keeping businesses safe from digital threats and attacks.  This can be through security scans and software, upgrades to reduce risk and generally staying up to date and knowledgeable about ever-arising new threats. You need a cool head in a crisis and an ability to communicate that crisis at all levels.

We hope this list has helped. To view all our IT roles click here.

Interested ? We are dedicated to providing you with the best personal recruitment service. Please contact us and we will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage. Check out our tips, hints and support article and remember to follow our social media for more help with your job search.

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Interesting Job Hunt statistics

Here are 8 fascinating interesting Job Hunt statistics  for you.

1. On average, there are 118 applications for every job.

2. The top five priorities that candidates consider regarding a job are:
• Competitive salary and compensation
• Location/commute
• Work/life balance
• Benefits
• Career opportunities

3. 70+% of candidates are passive job seekers
These are those who are employed who are open to the idea of moving, but not taking action yet.

4. 73% of those seeking a job say the process of finding a job is one of the most stressful events in life

5. Role changes are more likely to occur by switching employers rather than due to a promotion

    • 73% of workers left their employer to change roles
    • 27% of workers stayed at the same employer

6. There has been a 78% increase in LinkedIn job posts that highlight work flexibility (since 2016)

That is quite a shift in priorities.

7. 75% of the workforce worldwide will be millennials in 2025

8. 57% of millennials currently in the workforce expect to move job within two years, while 40% will move within one year

Looking for a job ? We are dedicated to providing you with the best personal recruitment service. Please contact us  and we will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage.  Check out  our tips, hints and support article and remember to follow our social media for more help with your job search.

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Handling Rejection

Handling Rejection is necessary skill as rejection can and does occur at many stages within the job hunt. You may have only sent your application, you may have been hoping for a second interview, or you may have been a finalist.  It has probably happened to you at some point.

Here are some thoughts on how to respond in a resilient manner, without descending into doom and gloom. You are not a failure!


Handling Rejection is necessary skill

As there is only one winner for each job, it is an inevitability that most applicants will be disappointed. Manage your expectations accordingly and your emotions and resilience will follow. Other roles and employers may be a better fit so keep your eyes open.


Your negative brain

Your brain is more likely to focus on the bad side of this, taking it personally and getting incredibly disheartened. If you know were not suitable for this role, don’t generalise to all roles. Different employers look for different things and have different cultures. The one you fit is out there. Think of it as a fresh chance to improve yourself and know you will be amazing in the next one.


Questioning yourself

In line with negative thinking, you may be questioning every little mistake you might have made in the process in a non-constructive manner. Dwelling on past negativity with such questions stops you moving forward learning and using the experience to get the next one. A little resilience helps you turn it into constructive questioning focused on the future. Remind yourself that it is not productive and ask for help and feedback if necessary.


Your achievements

Make a list of the accomplishments you have made in your working life

Did you increase sales? Did you lead a project or train staff? What obstacles have you had to overcome? What problems have you solved? Is there any other contribution you made?

Then consider the skills you required in these situations.

These will boost your confidence and help demonstrate to yourself that you are more than capable of overcoming any challenge an employer might put your way. It is also useful in the next interview


Final thought

It may feel like the end of the world but that role was not the one. Now focus on the next one and get in touch with us for advice and new role ideas.

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Happy Candidates

We have Happy Candidates !

We have recently started sending placed candidates a short survey to see what we can be doing better during the process.

Of the results to date:happy office

100% would recommend us

100% gave their satisfaction with EW Recruitment the highest rating

100% said our service met their personal needs extremely well

100% said we were either extremely responsive or very responsive to questions or concerns

100% gave our service quality the highest rating



Here are some of the comments you gave:


None! Keep up the good work!

Shame we never got to meet as I am extremely happy in my new (ish) role now and is the job I’ve waited for, Emma’s patience and persistence with me paid off!

Gill P


Fantastic service

Sophie L


We also received this review outside of the survey from Sophie  L:


After nearly a decade in logistics, not only did I want a change of job, but also a change of career. I categorically stated this to all other recruitment consultants, but my wishes fell on deaf ears until Emma came across My CV. Emma’s truly personal service meant we discussed a number of different routes in terms of my career path (not entirely aided by my own lack of direction at this point!) and this led to exploring a few very firm, but ideally suited, options. Perhaps it’s just my own experience, but when liaising with recruiters in the past, I have felt somewhat pushed into interviewing for roles that weren’t right for me. From internal infighting, poor listening skills, personal put downs and individual agendas, I have become a little cynical when it comes to working with agencies. However Emma entirely alleviated that scepticism when it came to working with her. Refreshingly, and unlike other experiences, Emma decisively stated when a role was right/not right for me, or I was/wasn’t the correct fit for the company. I feel that being able to say ‘no’ to potential candidates is absolutely necessary, but can be very difficult and many therefore avoid this. It’s so pleasant to not feel pushed into something that wasn’t right. With Emma’s truly personal service, she was able to confidently place me for the perfect role armed with all the tips, training, advice and future options (if unsuccessful). This all came from what were very clear lines of communication with my now employer and with me. I am so happy I am working in a place that suits me perfectly. Emma has since made regular contact with me and my employer to ensure that I’ve got all I need in order to succeed. Thank you so much Emma and to all of your team and please keep up this personal service, it’s what makes you so different from the rest!!


Thanks for all the lovely feedback – we will keep doing what we are doing for now to keep you guys so happy.  We remain open to further input…





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Success in your sales career

Success in your sales career STARTS HERE!

We have quite a few sales roles to fill here. So we thought service 1we would look at giving some advice on sales careers.


1. Listen to your customer

Sales is about listening and truly understanding way more than it is about talking. Ask perceptive questions (without probing too far) and then actually pay attention. You need to understand them and their issues to think about how your product or service could truly make life easier for them and then let them know. Things that excite you about your product may even be drawbacks to them.


2. Set career goals

Set goals that are both short and long term and update them as you go. Perseverance is key. Include goals for things you want to learn as well as achieve. Lifelong learning is a great thing so think about new trends in sales and skills that may need brushing up.


3. Plan your time

Write lists every morning or the end of the previous day. Include everything you need and then want to get done and ideally refer to your goals for inspiration. It needs to be flexible and is the way to make sure nothing important slips through the cracks.


4. Look at the top salespeople in your business

What are they doing so right? Try to emulate that yourself. Ask for advice from them about their approach and follow it.


5. Act with integrity

The element of trust is crucial in a sales relationship so don’t do anything to question your own credibility. Think of how you would like a salesperson to treat one of your close friends or relatives. Then treat your customers in the same straightforward manner.


6. Educate rather than push

A customer who has been properly taught about how your product can help them in an honest way is more likely to be not only satisfied, but also more loyal.


7. Speak to us

We will help with general advice on getting into sales and progressing in your career. Give us a call 0330 0520 700

Your dedicated Recruiter at EW Recruitment will be there every step of the way to help you in the process, providing you with support on how to prepare and impress at each stage.  With us in your corner there is no need to worry and with our tips, hints and support you are sure to nail that new job!