100% of Candidates asked would recommend us to a friend

Candidates can really boost their chances when they know how to take advantage of our knowledge and connections in the best way. Here are 8 tips to help:

1. Make contact or meet in person to build a relationship

Your relationship with us is all about clear and open communication. A great partnership and the way you talk to us will be reflected in how we talk about you to employers.

Build rapport in conversations and let us get to know more than just what your CV says. You become more memorable the more you get in touch and ask questions.

We know our clients and our industries well, so take advantage. If you see a job on our site that makes you excited, you could always get ahead of the competition and give us a call about it before you even apply to discuss their priorities and culture.

2. Reliability and honesty

Any successful relationship is build on honesty and trust.

Be open about your history as we can only help what we know. Dishonesty or leaving out information can damage credibility. If there is something that you think is negative in your job history, think of what you learned from the situation or what steps you took to improve it.

Be as reliable as possible. Especially when dealing with interviews, for example if you can’t attend. It is vital you inform EW Recruitment in adequate time as these things are remembered.

3. Focus

If you know what you want out of your career, don’t be vague. Tell us your journey and what you want next. Specifics like the companies you would most like to work for help our team find what you need and are taken more seriously.

4. Flexibility and realistic expectations

As above, we like people who know what they want and will find jobs that match as best we can. However, you may need to show some flexibility or compromise on your requirements, especially if your job search is urgent.

It can be a challenge, but try to make time to attend interviews within your schedule and return our messages from our team if you are serious about getting that job.

Resilience throughout the process is related to managing expectations.
The world of recruitment is ever changing, and circumstances can change quickly. If a role is withdrawn, something will come along soon enough.

5. Proactivity

You must take responsibility for your own career search by being proactive. Don’t be afraid to chase our team for updates/feedback – this will be viewed in a positive light as it demonstrates commitment.

6. Use our knowledge

EW Recruitment knows and understands their clients and what they want to see at interview. We also have a lot of experience when it comes to interview techniques. Even the best interviewees can improve or learn something new – take advantage of what we can offer.

7. Let us do our thing

Agree communication preferences with your consultant and trust that it is in everyone’s interest to get you into the right role.

8. Stay in touch

Let us know how you’re getting on when you start in a new role. The best part of our job is hearing of all your successes and how much you’re enjoying your new job.

Please also keep us updated if your circumstances change.


Hopefully taking all of these into account will help your experience as a job seeker and give you the edge.