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Here is an outline of some of the roles you can find within sales as a career that we have to fill. We have 21 sales roles at the moment.

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Sales Executive

The touchpoint between a business and its clients. They answer queries, offer advice and introduce new products in the hope of making a sale. Whatever you are selling, there are skills which are vital. A successful sales professional must be customer-focused, great with building relationships and always keep their goals (and business goals) in mind.


Sales Executive



Sales Manager

Firstly, they have to make sure their team hits targets.  They’re also responsible for coaching and motivating their team and they need to know how to develop and execute a successful sales strategy. When a Sales Manager achieves this magic combination then the rewards can be great for all involved.


Sales Manager



Business Development Executive /Manager

These sales professionals find new customers and cross-sell to existing ones. You may work in a variety of businesses across the public and private sectors, or for charities. Depending on the industry, the way you approach and interact with businesses can be very different to someone doing the same as role in a different seetor.


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Field Sales 

Working outside of the office environment sourcing potential customers and maximising the sale of products or services. This role requires being very self-motivated and good at building rapport face to face.


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A telesales operative needs to be able to confidently reach out over the phone to clinch that sale. Resilience and the ability to build rapport are crucial.


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Area Sales Manager

Generally dealing with a sub-region for the wider sales operations requires adaptability, communication, people management, business planning and product knowledge.


New Home Sales Manager – Kent



Account Executive/ Manager

Creation of a long-term relationship with the client to ensure business runs well– and that any opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell is taken. This role is also found in many industries.


Account Executive