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We have quite a few sales roles to fill here. So we thought we would look at giving some advice on sales careers.


1. Listen to your customer

Sales is about listening and truly understanding way more than it is about talking. Ask perceptive questions (without probing too far) and then actually pay attention. You need to understand them and their issues to think about how your product or service could truly make life easier for them and then let them know. Things that excite you about your product may even be drawbacks to them.



2. Set career goals

Set goals that are both short and long term and update them as you go. Perseverance is key. Include goals for things you want to learn as well as achieve. Lifelong learning is a great thing so think about new trends in sales and skills that may need brushing up.



3. Plan your time

Write lists every morning or the end of the previous day. Include everything you need and then want to get done and ideally refer to your goals for inspiration. It needs to be flexible and is the way to make sure nothing important slips through the cracks.



4. Look at the top salespeople in your business

What are they doing so right? Try to emulate that yourself. Ask for advice from them about their approach and follow it.



5. Act with integrity

The element of trust is crucial in a sales relationship so don’t do anything to question your own credibility. Think of how you would like a salesperson to treat one of your close friends or relatives. Then treat your customers in the same straightforward manner.



6. Educate rather than push

A customer who has been properly taught about how your product can help them in an honest way is more likely to be not only satisfied, but also more loyal.



7. Speak to us

We will help with general advice on getting into sales and progressing in your career. Give us a call 0330 0520 700