100% of Candidates asked would recommend us to a friend

We have recently started sending placed candidates a short survey to see what we can be doing better during the process.


Of the results to date:

100% would recommend us

100% gave their satisfaction with EW Recruitment the highest rating

100% said our service met their personal needs extremely well

100% said we were either extremely responsive or very responsive to questions or concerns

100% gave our service quality the highest rating




Here are some of the comments you gave:


None! Keep up the good work!

Shame we never got to meet as I am extremely happy in my new (ish) role now and is the job I’ve waited for, Emma’s patience and persistence with me paid off!

Gill P


Fantastic service

Sophie L


We also received this review outside of the survey from Sophie  L:


After nearly a decade in logistics, not only did I want a change of job, but also a change of career. I categorically stated this to all other recruitment consultants, but my wishes fell on deaf ears until Emma came across My CV. Emma’s truly personal service meant we discussed a number of different routes in terms of my career path (not entirely aided by my own lack of direction at this point!) and this led to exploring a few very firm, but ideally suited, options. Perhaps it’s just my own experience, but when liaising with recruiters in the past, I have felt somewhat pushed into interviewing for roles that weren’t right for me. From internal infighting, poor listening skills, personal put downs and individual agendas, I have become a little cynical when it comes to working with agencies. However Emma entirely alleviated that scepticism when it came to working with her. Refreshingly, and unlike other experiences, Emma decisively stated when a role was right/not right for me, or I was/wasn’t the correct fit for the company. I feel that being able to say ‘no’ to potential candidates is absolutely necessary, but can be very difficult and many therefore avoid this. It’s so pleasant to not feel pushed into something that wasn’t right. With Emma’s truly personal service, she was able to confidently place me for the perfect role armed with all the tips, training, advice and future options (if unsuccessful). This all came from what were very clear lines of communication with my now employer and with me. I am so happy I am working in a place that suits me perfectly. Emma has since made regular contact with me and my employer to ensure that I’ve got all I need in order to succeed. Thank you so much Emma and to all of your team and please keep up this personal service, it’s what makes you so different from the rest!!


Thanks for all the lovely feedback – we will keep doing what we are doing for now to keep you guys so happy.  We remain open to further input…