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Rejection can and does occur at many stages within the job hunt. You may have only sent your application, you may have been hoping for a second interview, or you may have been a finalist.  It has probably happened to you at some point.

Here are some thoughts on how to respond in a resilient manner, without descending into doom and gloom. You are not a failure!



Rejection is part of the job hunt

As there is only one winner for each job, it is an inevitability that most applicants will be disappointed. Manage your expectations accordingly and your emotions and resilience will follow. Other roles and employers may be a better fit so keep your eyes open.



Your negative brain

Your brain is more likely to focus on the bad side of this, taking it personally and getting incredibly disheartened. If you know were not suitable for this role, don’t generalise to all roles. Different employers look for different things and have different cultures. The one you fit is out there. Think of it as a fresh chance to improve yourself and know you will be amazing in the next one.



Questioning yourself

In line with negative thinking, you may be questioning every little mistake you might have made in the process in a non-constructive manner. Dwelling on past negativity with such questions stops you moving forward learning and using the experience to get the next one. A little resilience helps you turn it into constructive questioning focused on the future. Remind yourself that it is not productive and ask for help and feedback if necessary.



Your achievements

Make a list of the accomplishments you have made in your working life

Did you increase sales? Did you lead a project or train staff? What obstacles have you had to overcome? What problems have you solved? Is there any other contribution you made?

Then consider the skills you required in these situations.

These will boost your confidence and help demonstrate to yourself that you are more than capable of overcoming any challenge an employer might put your way. It is also useful in the next interview



Final thought

It may feel like the end of the world but that role was not the one. Now focus on the next one and get in touch with us for advice and new role ideas.
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