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Only a few years ago, a team member was often only able to work from home on occasion, in certain situations. For example, if snow prevents driving or someone has a sick child, then considerate managers may have allowed a home working day.

Since then, technology has advanced so much that it is now almost ridiculously easy to work practically anywhere with Wi-Fi. Instant communication and collaboration are possible with so many great tools.

Millennials, in particular, have grown up familiar with using technology to communicate cheaply and effectively and expect flexibility in their working life as a result.




Some benefits for both employers and employees embracing home working include:


1. No commuting – less arriving late and/or stressed due to train or traffic problems and staff not paying petrol or for tickets.





2. Stress is reduced – stress in the workplace is a huge cost to the economy. Stress is dramatically lowered, so health problems relating to stress are lowered. There is more time for exercise which obviously boosts health. You can replace some of the commute time with activity time.





3. Reduced Office Costs – a financial drain on many businesses. Obviously the more people you have in the office at any one time, the more space you need and that costs money.





4. You can find talent anywhere in the world, especially in industries with a skills shortage – and not have to relocate anyone. More diverse backgrounds are great for creativity.



5. Productivity is higher – as less distractions and staff can get comfortable and focused. You can wear what you feel most productive in.



6. A happy workforce and increased morale means greater staff retention. You can live and work wherever makes you happy, with a great work-life balance.



A number of our roles offer this benefit as an option, including

Dynamics 365 Consultant

Due to expansion, this client is looking for a Dynamics 365 Consultant to join their project delivery team. They are a Microsoft Gold Partner who support SME clients with the successful deployment of Dynamics 365 CRM and integrated portals, awarded the Dynamics President club for their service to clients. You can be home based or work within the head office based in Brighton.


Feel free to ask us whether the role you are looking at includes this option. Many do.