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In this blog, we are thinking about a few of the common challenges that all job seekers face. You may be just out of university, or you may have much more experience under your belt. Some obstacles are imagined, others are very real.



Fear and self-doubt

 It is too easy to not push for better because you are worried about the unknown and don’t like change. Even success is scary as it is pushing your boundaries and often increasing responsibility, so it is more comfortable to dream something than to act on it.

This often complements fear of failure, which can be very common. There are many facets to this fear – life will become unstable, you may make the wrong decision, they may not approve of you. If you fail, how will you pay those bills? What will people think if you’re not good enough? It can also be easy to overthink situations and scenarios from fear without ever acting.

Realise that you can make changes gradually and in a less intimidating way and know that with belief, comes actual success. Overcoming such fears is incredibly rewarding.



What is your passion?

It can be hard to work this one out and many people change careers entirely. You are often told to find your passion and follow it, but there is so much choice out there, you have absolutely no idea where to begin.



Ensuring your CV is seen

Many recruiters now do an automated scan of your CV and covering letter against the most relevant keywords in the job spec. So many who use the wrong words will not make it onto  their radar. Ensure you check the exact words used and use them, but don’t be tempted to lie.




Especially when you are in full time work, it can be a great challenge to find the time. Pre-planning time in your schedule always helps.


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