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We have a number of roles currently available in the Information Technology field. Here is a summary of some of the typical opportunities and specialisms you may find in IT.


1. Technical Support

Sometimes these folks have slightly different job titles. These are the people who use their communication skills and technical knowledge, as well as problem solving to help the less technically minded with day to day IT needs. It generally covers both hardware and software.


2nd line support

IT Application & System Support


2. Web Developers

Web developers are the ones who structure and build websites, using technical knowhow and creativity. They are also often called many different names (job titles) within different types of business.



3. Programmers

Computer programmers deal with the functions of software and the related code. Anything from the most complex programs to the most basic are handed by programmers.  So, the roles can vary, too. However, rational and meticulous thinking will help.


Head of Development / Lead Architect


4. Computer Systems Analyst

Systems analysts need to understand the big picture to make recommendations and then implement them. All this is done with their knowledge of hardware, software and systems, quick thinking and great communication.



Technical Analyst

Dynamics 365 Consultant (Technical and Functional)


5. Network Engineer


Network engineers are in charge of creating and maintaining and upgrading local and wide area networks fora business.  They may also be responsible for security, data and storage. Analysis snd problem-solving help here.


6. IT Security

IT  security is responsible for keeping businesses safe from digital threats and attacks.  This can be through security scans and software, upgrades to reduce risk and generally staying up to date and knowledgeable about ever-arising new threats. You need a cool head in a crisis and ability to communicate that crisis at all levels.



We hope this list has helped. To view all our IT roles click here.