100% of Candidates asked would recommend us to a friend

We all know there are some cowboys out there and who give recruitment agencies a bad name and many of the problems and trepidations come from them.

Here are some of the benefits and  one drawback of using one of the honest ones, like us:




  1. Quick results

Recruiters already have a database of prospective candidates. So, there is no delay in getting started finding the one you need and sending CVs to clients with a very fast turnaround.



  1. Relationships that make everyone happy

Good recruiters know that long term, positive relationships with clients and candidates are the way forward. It is in their interest to place candidates who truly fit the culture as well as the spec.



  1. Time`

There is no denying that finding and recruiting the right staff is an incredibly time-consuming process. Even businesses with large HR departments may find they are needing to prioritise other tasks so recruitment goes on the back burner. Getting help with recruitment by those who are established and efficient and already have the tools to get your role seen and all the other aspects of the development.



  1. Quality

Going to a recruiting expert means the quality of candidate is likely to be higher as recruiters have higher calibre contenders at their disposal and the experience and tools already in place.  This means agencies have the edge.



  1. Risk

Good recruiters have a rebate system if the candidate fails to be successful  in the role, you will have a percentage back. We have a 12 week sliding scale rebate.





  1. Fees

Fees are inevitable with a recruitment agency, however, consider the factors mentioned above, the man hours your business will spend and the stress incurred only to end up with a candidate who is mediocre. Especially if you end up having to recruit the same role again.




An honest recruiter seems to  be a good investment so if you are interested, give us a call on 0330 0520 700